Why is the domain that you first entered into the browser line and was redirected here for sale?

    This could have happened for the following reasons. The relevant company, organization, legal entity or individual did not take care in time to ensure that this domain belongs to them. They did not do this, even realizing that the reputation of a company and / or an individual now, on the age of the Internet and high technologies, directly depends on who is the owner of the corresponding domain name. At least in the main domain zones of the Internet - international as well as national. The latter is important if the activities of the firms and individuals involved are associated with a specific country, or they are registered there. However, these individuals and firms simply ignored this custom of business, often despite repeated official warnings.

  For example, the UK has long held in reserve second-level domain names in its national zone .UK. The United Kingdom allowed registration only of third-level domains, in particular - co.uk. This zone was intended mainly for commercial organizations and indeed, most of the self-respecting firms associated with Britain in one way or another have a domain name in the co.uk zone. And only from July 01, 2019. old lady England deigned to give the go-ahead for registration of second-level domain names in the .UK zone - to almost everyone. At the same time, long before this date, the owners of the respective names in the mentioned co.uk zone regularly received official warnings from their registrars, the essence of which was as follows. For example, if you have already registered the domain NAME.co.uk, and you are its rightful owner, then you could easily register the domain NAME.uk in a special preferential manner. Moreover, at the usual registrar prices, that is, a few pounds a year. But only until July 01, 2019. After this date, the unregistered name became available to everyone.

Therefore, in our opinion, it was necessary to try very hard to lose his name. Or just don't want to register the corresponding name. We consider ourselves not entitled to interfere in the affairs of such companies and their clients, but personally for ourselves, for business cooperation, as clients and (or) partners, we would choose another company that does really value ​​its Name. In addition, we personally do not understand why domain name registrars should incur losses due to the negligence of the respective firms, which do not want to take care of their reputation in time? Are registrars obliged to reserve domain names for such firms and persons forever and free of charge, instead of honestly and openly selling them to everyone?

   In this case, taking into account all of the above, we considered ourselves entitled to register the corresponding names for ourselves. Moreover, we have seen that more and more such names are registered by unauthorized third parties. And many of those domain names were immediately put up for sale. Then why not we? And what kind of claims can there be after that? Therefore, you are dealing with a direct seller, and not with a reseller, as is the case at well-known auctions and sites of shops selling domain names. WE DO SELL ONLY OUR DOMAINS, the owners of which we are legally!

   With regard to possible litigation, we should especially note that, as law-abiding citizens, we like to litigate. We have a pretty good experience in the courts. As for world famous companies and their brands, we will be honored if they sue us. Our team has professional journalists who will willingly undertake to cover this process widely enough. Honestly, it’s just humanly interesting for us to see how world famous companies or persons or their representatives will publicly explain in court: why they didn’t take the time to register their own name. We even expect that the fees for these publications, interviews, etc. will cover all our legal costs.

   At the same time, we are quite peaceful people and never attack first. Nothing personal, just a business. We value your business. Please appreciate our business too.

   Now that we hope you have read all this carefully and perhaps even took note of it, we are giving you our contact mailing address. We kindly ask you to use it only for bidding and subsequent negotiations. All other emails will be left unanswered.

   We also ask you to note that we are not considering offers less than $ 10,000. We just don't take on less expensive projects. Do you value your name less? Then, sorry, you are not here.

  For everyone who shares and understands the above, here is our contact, please: