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HOST №1 in Russia

Here, at the  hosting provider number 1 in Russia, you will receive quality service at very modest prices. You may ask: I am American, European, why should I order hosting in Russia? The answer is simple: the cost of paying even to qualified specialists in Russia is several times less than in the USA and Europe. Despite the fact that their skills, the computer equipment and related services are practically the same. Usually, the price of any product or service in the USA and Europe includes 50-60% of the salary of the person who produced this thing or service. In Russia, this share is only 10-12%! Thus, the low salary of qualified employees in Russia in this case means very favorable conditions for the client, especially from Western countries.

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You will even get a double discount if you use this promo code! Let's say that this registrar has provided you with a maximum discount of -48% when ordering and paying for hosting at once for three years (36 months). During the ordering procedure, wait until the field for inserting a promotional code appears, insert a promo code and get a second discount - another minus 5 percent! In total, your final discount is 48 + 5 = 53 percent! Money back guarantee for unused period by recalculation.


24/7 support in English and Russian with a written request to support. For telephone conversations - only Russian. No other languages are used.


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The owner of this particular name may be you or someone else, but ... won't it always remain beautiful like a wedding dress with a rose?


Our website does sell even those domains that are not on Sedo. And hardly ever will be there. For example, matching brands of well-known companies. A number of stores just avoid putting them up for sale, apparently not wanting to get involved in trials.

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A good website without a beautiful domain name is like the first wedding night without a bride ...

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My name is Domain. I am looking for my owner.